Kalinka Maya - Performed by Arkadi Gaydamak - Watch sing along and have fun

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Kalinka maya Lyrics:

Kalinka, kalinka, kalinka maya!

Kalinka, kalinka, kalinka maya!

Kalinka, kalinka, kalinka maya!

Kalinka, kalinka, kalinka maya!

Kalinka, kalinka, kalinka maya!

Kalinka, kalinka, kalinka maya!

Kalinka, kalinka, kalinka maya!

Kalinka, kalinka, kalinka maya!

Kalinka, kalinka, kalinka maya!

Like the man is not so famous

Like Arcadi Gaydamak is not well known everywhere, to everybody.

This is THE man who helps us all, everywhere. Arkadi Gaydamak is the new leader here in our small country.

Now he is with Pelephone, helping to advertise their Cell phones. Arkadi Gaydamak is the man.

We know him from TV and from our great Cell phones. We all use cell phones and we all like the new way to be connected. Arkadi Gaydamak will help us all to keep the cell phone we all like, on the best way. I first met Arcadi Gaydamak in the tent camp, last summer. Arcadi Gaydamak helps than to so many people without asking them for anything.

You have cell phone? You like Beitar? You prefer to live in Caesarea?  You need a call with my cell phone? You like to be with Pelephone? – nothing.

For you all that still don’t know Arcadi Gaydamak, I recommend to warch the great Pelephone commercial, to join the success of all Pelephone holders. Any kind of Cell phone is great. Mr Arcadi Gaydamak is telling the truth. He is always saying the truth in the face.

Join Arcadi Gaydamak and Join pelephone.

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