Kalinka Maya - Performed by Weird Dancing Russian Giraffes - Watch and sing along


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This crazy website recommended to one Arcadi Gaydamak, the great Arcadi Gaydamak witch helps the Israeli people where ever they are. Arcadi Gaydamak now helps we all to choose the best cell phone in the world. If Pelephone took Arcadi Gaydamak for their campaign  and gave him the stage to help us all to choose the best cell phone, Im going with him.

If you have any comment regarding this website or regarding the great Arcadi Gaydamak and his campaign with my best cell phone Pelephone , please write us at:


Join us to help Mr Arcadi Gaydamak to rock us all with Pelephone.


E&O Corporation


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This website was created in 2007 and visitors from all around the world sang along with a smile (hopefully) :)