KalinkaMaya - Russian Poem, Russian Music that everybody knows - Russian soldiers dancing


Kalinkamaya - About the song Kalinka maya by Ivan Petrovich Larionov

Kalinka kalinka kalinka maya is definitely the best Russian song on the internet and for sure well known all over the world .I know you might think its an old folk song but no - it was actually was written back in the 1860 by the great and famous composer Ivan Petrovich Larionov . Mr Larionov wrote it and never thought it will become one of the most famous songs in the world.
For you this poem can be nice, fun, enjoy or what ever. For many Russian men and women, this poem is history, nation, childhood.
This is why we give you the opportunity to go online and to enjoy the great kalinka song.
No Money free for all, no Email registration or other stuff. No need to do anything actually.
Just enter the website, sit back on your chair, and enjoy

Kalinkakalinkakalinkamaya - show me one that do not know this one

The Russian poem about the kalinka is not new, and it is reflected every time we mention Russian music. Young people, older, male and female - they all know it

We all can whistle it, we all can imagine Russian soldiers dancing, and we all can move our heads with the music that's what this website is for.


Open your speakers and kalinka with us.




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This website was created in 2007 and visitors from all around the world sang along with a smile (hopefully) :)